Position Details: Crane Maintainer

Location: Abu-Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Department: EnerMech FZE




·        Be time served mechanical technicians/hydraulic technicians and electricians.

·        Have a minimum of 5 years offshore experience

·        Have proven experience in maintenance, troubleshooting and repair of diesel engines, hydraulic systems and electrical equipment.

·        Be verified as competent by NVQ (or equivalent) skills assessors against the competence criteria for maintenance of offshore pedestal cranes, overhead gantry cranes, lifeboat, liferaft davits and winches.

·        Be verified as competent by assessors against the competence criteria for Offshore Crane Operator having completed Stage 3 by COMPANY approved training provider (TPI).

·        Be verified as competent by assessors against the competence criteria for Overhead gantry cranes by COMPANY approved training provider (TPI).

·        Trained and be assessed every 2 years by Company approved Third Party Training Company.

·        Be trained and verified as competent for maintenance of pedestal/jib cranes by Contractor.

·        Hold Certificate of Competency issued by the Employer.

·        Electricians to have ATEX certification.


Roles & Responsibilities:


·        To carryout maintenance duties offshore as directed by the Crane Supervisor.

·        Responsible for effectively carrying out scheduled and un-scheduled planned maintenance routines of all offshore pedestal cranes, overhead gantry cranes, monorail hoists, Liferaft davits, winches and fixed lifting equipment as specifically listed within contract equipment inventory (Appendix 1) with the objective of maintaining safe operations, compliance, maintaining integrity, reliability and reducing downtime and costs

·        Performance of site repair work (as deemed practical and within the competency) on all pedestal cranes, gantry cranes, monorail hoists, Liferaft davits and winches arising from Planned Maintenance Inspections and Crane Operator Maintainer comments.

·        Maintenance personnel on Al-Hyleh Barge shall have received suitable training to carryout re-termination of the anchor & towing bridle retrieval winch wires & when required (Resin lock sockets).

·        In addition to crane maintenance duties, operate overhead cranes under the direction of nominated site personnel and in accordance with authorized operators instructions manual and site operating procedures.

·        When working overhead cranes, carry out daily routine on the crane in accordance with maintenance procedures and pre-start checklist..

·        Inspect the job site to ensure compliance with safe practices and procedures. Maintain quality of safety in the crane group and participate in the site safety reviews i.e. Near Miss Reporting/STOP.

·        Responsible for giving a detailed report of any crane incidents to the Crane Supervisor.

·        Carry out Crane Operations for maintenance & fault finding.

·        Responsible to issue a daily report to the crane supervisor of any maintenance, corrective maintenance or troubleshooting carried out.

·        Responsible for completing maintenance job plans and submission to crane supervisor with details of any parts required for replacement..



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