Position Details: Crane Supervisor

Location: Abu-Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Department: EnerMech FZE




·        Mechanical Engineering (Diploma with reasonable experience).

·        Have minimum of 5 years’ experience in offshore Supervisory role.

·        Be verified as competent by NVQ (or equivalent) skills assessors against the competence criteria for maintenance of offshore pedestal cranes, overhead gantry cranes, lifeboat, liferaft davits and winches.

·        Mechanical / Electrical /Hydraulic background with supporting certification submitted during tender stage or any replacement.

·        Shall have LEEA-UK qualifications “Entry Exam” and 4 day Appointed Person (Supervisor) course by approved Company Training Company.

·        Shall have COMPANY approved training company certification.


Roles & Responsibilities:


·        Supervision of the performance of all CONTRACTOR Crane Operator Maintainer, Maintainers, Lifting AP, Crane Foreman and Riggers.

·        Supervision of the performance of site maintenance, repair work and Ad-hoc work carried out on lifting equipment.

·        Execution of all maintenance work for Lifting Equipment on COMPANY platforms/locations and Al Hyleh Barge.

·        Issue a daily report to COMPANY Representatives and CONTRACTOR’s representative advising work carried out and proposed activities for the following day including problems found in PM’s, next day actual activities, corrective work orders raised etc…

·        Reporting to COMPANY Representatives regarding status of planned maintenance, corrective maintenance, breakdowns, equipment spare parts and work performance.

·        Liaise with Project Engineer and provide Scopes of Work for all Major Maintenance on Company owned equipment. Surveys will be conducted by Project Engineer as agreed in the forward plan.

·        Liaise directly with CONTRACTOR’s Representative for technical support / review of lifting plans/risk assessments and equipment status reports.

·        Generating Maximo Work Requests, Work Orders Material requests etc.

·        Liaise with COMPANY’s Representative regarding requirement for crane spare parts, work performed plus breakdown problems, etc.

·        Documenting all, preventive maintenance and corrective work orders.

·        Maintaining crane records in MAXIMO appropriately in accordance with COMPANY requirements.

·        Carrying out daily toolbox safety talks as and when required.

·        Prepare with Lifting AP lifting plans and risk assessments for routine and up to non-routine complicated crane lifting operations for approval.

·        Liaise with CONTRACTOR’s Lifting AP to ensure that deck-lifting operations are adequately planned.

·        Conduct frequent Group Safety Meetings to review and discuss relevant safety related issues to CONTRACTOR’s personnel.

·        All PM work will be documented and scheduled in COMPANY CMMS.

·        The PM activities will be completed as scheduled & action shall be taken promptly to correct any deficiencies noted. Failure to rectify defects shall warrant the crane being removed from service.

·        Conduct frequent visits to Company Barges when on location at complexes.

·        Carry out weekly job and safety audits at site on personnel and work locations.

·        Carry out Appraisals for all personnel directly assigned to the contract under their Supervision.



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