Position Details: Riggers

Location: Abu-Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Department: EnerMech FZE



 Riggers shall be able to read and write English fluently, they shall be experienced, fully trained and wholly competent in the rigging duties associated with offshore crane operations & shall:


·      A minimum 21 years of age.

·      Educated to a minimum qualification of higher secondary school certificate or equivalent qualification.

·      Have a minimum of 5 years offshore experience.

·    Shall be trained and be assessed every 2 years through Company qualified assessor approved by COMPANY.

·   Competent by approved Company TPA skills assessor against the criteria for Level 3 rigging competency.

·     Competent by approved Company TPA skills assessor against the criteria for Banksman/Signaler competency.

·    Competent by approved Company TPA skills assessor against the criteria for Overhead Crane Operator competency.

·       The Rigger shall also have adequate understanding of the capabilities and limitations of each crane with regard to offshore operations. The CONTRACTOR shall ensure certificates of training/competency for the Riggers are maintained, up to date and submitted to COMPANY for approval.

·     Riggers who have not worked on the COMPANY’s platforms shall undertake sufficient time to familiarize themselves with the specific operating procedures under the supervision of the CONTRACTOR prior to commencing lifting operations.

·       Riggers shall co-operate fully with COMPANY personnel and all other personnel under contract to COMPANY in carrying out any other duties deemed to be within the Riggers competence e.g. Maintenance of any other type of lifting equipment as required..

 Roles & Responsibilities:

 ·    Be responsible for all vessel lifts and those on the platform as directed by the Crane Supervisor, Deck Foreman or COMPANY personnel.


·      Carry out Banking/Signalman duties as and when required.

·      The Rigger is responsible for attaching and detaching the load to and from the crane.

·     The Rigger is also responsible for the selection of the correct lifting arrangement in accordance with planned lifting operations and to check them prior to the use.

·    Check that the lifting equipment being used is in good condition, certified for use, correctly colour coded, and of sufficient capacity to carry out the lift.

·    The directing and movement of the crane/load is initiated by the Rigger / slinger using the designated signaling method.

·   Ensure at all times that the load is under complete control by the use of tag lines, or whatever assistance that is deemed necessary.

·    Able to establish weights and the effect of the center of gravity, and to balance loads and judge distances, heights and clearances.

·      Ensure that no load is to be lifted where the weight is not stated or unknown.

·    Participate in the planning and risk assessment of all routine and up to non-routine complicated crane-lifting operations associated with the day-to-day running of the COMPANY platforms.

·   Have sufficient general engineering knowledge of loose lifting equipment to carry out daily inspection routines.

·    Be multi-skilled in other platform duties including operating of firefighting equipment and undertaking fire standby and deck duties, when required.

·   Complete reports, lifting operation risk assessments, logs and other documentation, as required.

·   Assist in maintaining all lifting appliances inclusive of cranes in clean and tidy condition.

·   Maintain loose lifting equipment in a safe and operable condition.

·   Carry out pre use inspection of loose lifting equipment.

·   Carry out minor repairs to loose lifting equipment i.e. repair of safety catches.

·   In line with COMPANY’s Bi-annual lifting equipment.

·   Assist Crane Operator Maintainer & Maintainers in carrying out routine maintenance duties.

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