Position Details: Crane Operator Maintainer

Location: Abu-Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Department: EnerMech FZE



Must read and write English fluently, be experienced, fully trained and competent in the operation and maintenance of the particular crane types specified. The Crane Operator Maintainer shall have adequate understanding of the capabilities and limitations of each crane with regard to offshore operation, and of the various installed mechanisms, control and safety systems. The CONTRACTOR shall ensure certificates of training/competency for the Crane Operator Maintainer in respect of the particular crane type/make/model and shall be maintained up to date and submitted to COMPANY for approval.

Crane Operator Maintainer shall:

A minimum 21 years of age.
Educated to a minimum qualification of higher secondary school certificate or HNC or equivalent qualification.
At Least a minimum of 5 years’ experience in an offshore/onshore experience and a minimum of 3 years in similar position.
Have UAE Driving License from Traffic Department (Mobile Cranes)
Be verified as competent by assessors against the competence criteria for Offshore Crane Operator having completed Stage 3 by COMPANY approved training provider (TPI).
Be verified as competent by assessors against the competence criteria for Overhead gantry cranes by COMPANY approved training provider (TPI).
Trained and be assessed every 2 years by Company approved Third Party Training Company.
Be trained and verified as competent for maintenance of pedestal/jib cranes by Contractor.
Hold Certificate of Competency issued by the Employer.
Operators who have not particularly worked on the COMPANY’s platform cranes shall undertake sufficient time to familiarize themselves with the specific operating procedures under the supervision of the CONTRACTOR prior to commencing lifting operations.
Crane Operator Maintainer shall have sufficient general engineering knowledge of the lifting equipment to carry out routine maintenance and inspection routines up to 3 monthly PM.
Crane Operator Maintainer shall assist mechanics and ad-hoc crew in completing, routine maintenance, major maintenance, troubleshooting and breakdown maintenance.
Crane Operator Maintainer shall also be multi-skilled in other platform duties including operating firefighting equipment and undertaking fire standby duties, acting as slinger, Banks man/Signal man, Rigger and deck duties, when required.
Crane Operator Maintainer shall complete reports, logs and other documentation, as required & shall maintain the cranes in clean condition, internally and externally.
Crane Operator Maintainer shall co-operate fully with COMPANY personnel and all other personnel under contract to COMPANY in carrying out any other duties deemed to be within the Crane Operator Maintainer’s competence e.g. Maintenance of any other type of lifting equipment as required.

Roles & Responsibilities:

Operate platform pedestal and overhead gantry cranes under the direction of nominated platform personnel and in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions and platform operating procedures.
The crane operator should only respond to the instruction (signals) given by the Rigger or appointed Signaler, however he shall follow the Emergency Stop Signal from any one at site in case of any emergency.
Carry out daily pre-operational checks on the cranes in accordance with pre-use checklist.
The crane Operator shall also be responsible for reporting all defects noted during operation of the crane to the crane supervisor.
Aware that the mobile crane should be used on level ground or else set level on outriggers before any load is applied.
Fully conversant with the correct use of mobile crane outriggers and where outriggers should be fitted, and aware of how to properly support the outrigger feet (this requires regular monitoring to ensure that no movement occurs throughout the operation)
Able to set and check the functioning of the rated capacity limiter and rated capacity indicator.
Responsible for effectively carrying out scheduled planned maintenance routines up to (6 monthly) of all offshore pedestal and overhead cranes, with the objective of maintaining safe operations.
Maintain cranes in a clean and tidy condition, including cabs, machinery housing and external surfaces.
Assist CONTRACTOR’s Crane maintenance personnel in performance of routine maintenance, repair activities and equipment change out.
Carry out platform emergency duties under the direction of nominated personnel.
Keep a logbook of crane operations, which will be initialed by the COMPANY representative weekly.
In addition to crane maintenance duties, operate overhead cranes under the direction of nominated site personnel and in accordance with authorized operators instructions manual and site operating procedures.
When working overhead cranes, carry out daily routine on the crane in accordance with maintenance procedures and pre-start checklist.
Inspect the job site to ensure compliance with safe practices and procedures. Maintain quality of safety in the crane group and participate in the site safety reviews i.e. Near Miss Reporting/STOP.
Responsible for giving a detailed report of any crane incidents to the Crane Supervisor.
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