Position Details: Lifting AP (Deck Foreman)

Location: Abu-Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Department: EnerMech FZE



Be at least 32 years of age and above.
Have at least 3 years Diploma in Mechanical Engineering or equivalent.
Shall have LEEA-UK qualifications “Entry Exam” and 4 day Appointed Person (Supervisor) course by approved Company Training Company.
Shall have COMPANY approved training company certification.
Have relevant oil & gas offshore and onshore lifting related experience of not less than 10 years in the same area of application with 5 years in a similar position.
Have adequate training and hands on professional experience and be competent to act as an Appointed Person for lifting equipment.
Shall be able to write Lifting plans, supervise and execute critical lifting in oil & gas companies.
Have focus on HSE priorities and lead a team for Safe Lifting Practices across different locations of the organization.
Familiar with international standard related to Lifting engineering practices with sufficient knowledge in interpretation and to bring excellence in Change management.
All Appointed Person’s shall be trained and be assessed every 3 years through theoretical examinations by suitably trained/ certified and qualified assessor approved by COMPANY.
The Appointed Person shall also have adequate understanding of the capabilities and limitations of each crane with regard to offshore operations.
The CONTRACTOR shall ensure certificates of training/competency for the Appointed Person are maintained, up to date and submitted to COMPANY for approval.
Appointed Person who has not worked on the COMPANY’s platforms shall undertake sufficient time to familiarize themselves with the specific operating procedures under the supervision of the CONTRACTOR prior to commencing lifting operations.
Appointed Person shall co-operate fully with COMPANY personnel and all other personnel under contract to COMPANY in carrying out any other duties deemed to be within his competence e.g. Maintenance of any other type of lifting equipment as required.

Roles & Responsibilities:

Lifting AP (Deck Foreman) shall perform and be responsible for the following:-
Is designated as being in charge of planning, coordinating, controlling and executing the lift.
Be responsible for coordinating CONTRACTOR’s Riggers to conduct all vessel lifts and those on the platform as directed by the Crane Supervisor, or COMPANY personnel.
Ensures that people involved are competent for performing their task, aware of the task and procedures to be followed, and aware of their responsibilities. Briefs people involved in or affected by the lift
Ensure all necessary test certificates and other documents are available
Shall be responsible for the management of COMPANY owned and supplied loose lifting equipment. Be fully trained and conversant with loose lifting equipment rigging loft management procedures i.e. maintain a lifting equipment data base & issuance register consisting of the following:
Inventory of equipment.
Test certificate.
Damage loss report register.
Booking in & out sheets detailing the name of person using equipment, date of issue, description etc.
In line with COMPANY’s Bi-annual lifting equipment campaign assist TPI with inspection & re-certification of lifting equipment.
Carry out Banking/Signalman duties as and when required.
Ensures the lift is carried out following the plan. Suspends the lift if changes or conditions (eg, wind) occur that would cause a deviation from the plan
Prepare lifting plans for routine and up to non-routine complicated lifting operations and ensure the required controls are in place. Submit to Integrity Division for Approval. Non Routine Complex lifting plans may require further review and development by CONTRACTORS Project Engineer.
Plan and risk assess all routine and up to non-routine complicated crane-lifting operations associated with the day-to-day running of the COMPANY platforms.
Supervise all lifting operation on COMPANY platforms, including non-routine complex lifts once approved by Integrity Division.
Selecting the correct crane and accessories for the specific task
Checks that load integrity and stability are satisfactory;
Ensure all other statutory requirements and any necessary work permit are in place
Identify all hazards and restricted areas
Emergency Procedures in case of damage or impairment to the crane during operation, and for safe recovery of the crane to a holding location on the installation.
Ensuring that the person directing crane movements (Signaller / Banksman) is readily identifiable to the crane operator by wearing high visibility clothing or distinguishing markings
Shall allow for concurrent or simultaneous operations that may affect or be affected by the lift, eg, helicopter operations, ballast control, other cranes
Checks that there is no deviation from standards for routine lifts
Ensuring that the workplace is provided with adequate lighting for night lifting
Complete reports, lifting operation risk assessments, logs and other documentation, as required
Ensure competent supervisor available should the Appointed Person delegate his duties of part thereof to others
Have sufficient general engineering knowledge of loose lifting equipment to carry out daily inspection routines.
Ensures that the lifting equipment is maintained, examined and appropriate for use
Monitors the performance of all involved personnel to ensure that adequate standards of performance are maintained
AP/Deck Foreman on Al-Hyleh Barge shall have received suitable training to carryout re-termination of the anchor & towing bridle retrieval winch wires & when required (Resin lock sockets).
Manages any special issues such as language barriers and new/inexperienced staff
Carry out platform emergency duties under the direction of nominated personnel.
Be multi-skilled in other platform duties including operating of firefighting equipment and undertaking fire standby and deck duties, when required.
The Appointed person can delegate his duties to competent personnel however the responsibility is still with the Appointed Person.
The Appointed person has the authority to stop operations where danger is likely to arise if operations continue.
Carry out Appraisals for all personnel directly assigned to the contract under their Supervision.

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